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Let nothing stop you to enjoy Holbox Island, México

The name "Holbox" comes from the Mayan words "hol", which means hole, and "box", which means black. Together they can be translated as "black hole" and it refers to a beautiful waterhole or springs that is located in the southern of the island. Holbox is a compound of the main island and some small islands that surround it, including La Isla de los Pájaros (the Birds’ Island) and other, separated from the mainland by the Yalahau Lagoon.

The waterhole which gives its name to the island is very deep and full of vegetation, so it seems that its waters are dark, but they are clean, clear and transparent, since they come directly from the depths of the earth. The residents believe that its water has healing properties for the human body. When you visit Holbox you have to go to this beautiful place and refresh yourself in its cold waters, at least you will leave refreshed and rejuvenated, because the days are regularly quite hot in Holbox. To arrive to Holbox you must travel to the cities of Cancun or Mérida and then make a land transfer of about 2.5 hours. Come visit us! We are waiting for you!